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Working on a ref for my character Mouse. Sorry about the weenie, his clothing ref is coming next and is way more complex than it needs to be.

Mouse is a Bōh, an Enrugian type of consort/companion, highly trained in arts that are relaxing and comforting. His species is pending a re-name… But he is a type of faerie, related to elves. He’s about 4’ tall, and his markings/fur resemble a large spotted genet in color and pattern. I adore him, and have been having fun redesigning him- I might share his old design later!

WIP of Mouse goes here!

Say hello to Archer! Enjoy all the crazy, in depth information I am about to give you on his species and himself!

Archer is a very old character of mine, who used to be called “Archer Saggitarius” and was predictably a centaur. Unfortunately that aspect of him didn’t fit with the story I had created, so he was in need of Tyler’s Patented Retcon Treatment (tm)!

So, now that he’s been fixed up…

He’s what the Voan (most specifically, the Sahn’Voan) refer to as a “moonbeast”. They are mammals which reside on one of Eturia’s moons. They are a social species who live in large groups (for now, I’m caling them herds). They are similar to many earth animals in that they have a patriarchal caste based system. One male leads a pack, with closely related males allowed within the group, and only the lead male having breeding access to females.

Like all other creatures on Eturia and it’s associated planets and moons, they are not binary in gender. Unlike the Voan, however, males and females are common, while third gender members of the species are rarer (and generally delegated as den-watchers, looking after babies, and so on). Also, unlike the Voan, third gender members of the species are sterile, making it a binary-breeding species only- males can only impregnate females, and females can only be impregnated by males. As a result, homosexuality among the species, while it occurs, is taboo. There is no use for male on male or female on female relations, so gay members are treated much in the same way as third gender (similarly useless to the herd), if not outright exiled.

They are not a very cultured species either. They are intellegent, have a language and complex social interaction, but things like music and art don’t really matter to them. This, (coupled with their behavior that appears and can infact be brutally violent and the fact that their language sounds very primitive to Voan ears) leads Voan to believe they are insentient. 

They are however very much sentient and emotional people, leading to vicious battles for supremacy between males that involves headbutting, grappling, dueling with their chin-plates, and even loud bellows. They are territorial with huge herd territories that rarely overlap.

They are omnivorous, eating low lying plants, fallent fruits (as they are terrible climbers, they resort to eating the dropped food left behind by birds and smaller mammals). They also hunt smaller creatures than themselves, and do at times cannibalize lone members of their species if they stray into herd territory.

They walk on the knuckles of their primary arms, using their smaller, secondary arms to grip branches, fruits and other food items. The large, strong claws on their primary arms are also used for stripping bark to eat, and clawing apart bug nests for delicious, protein filled grubs. Their feet end in broad toes with hoof-like claws that give them great stability when standing on their hinds to reach for food or perform a threat display.

They stand between 5 and 8 feet at the shoulder (with females being smaller). When standing on their rear legs, they can stand as tall as 14 feet (though that would be a very large individual, common height is around 10-12’).They are heavy, broad, and not capable of long term speed, but are extremely fast in short bursts, with ramming speeds ranging from 120 to 150 km/h. Their spines are not extremely flexible, a bit less than a humans is. They are very strong, however, and have thicker at the neck. The top of the head and back of the neck have very thick bone plating that they use to ram into each other, enemies, trees, and whatever else gets in their way. Their tusks face the rear and slightly outward- these and the bony chin plates are smaller in females than in males, and are very small, sometimes non existant, in third gender members of the species. They have very little hair on their bodies, usually seen as a mane on the back of their neck and running down their spine in some that live in slightly cooler places. Their front teeth are a solid plate on their top and bottom jaw that have a sharp edge, bordered by large canines (again, smaller in females and third-genders). These teeth are perfect for slicing through many of the tough plants they eat (some of which are similar to earth bamboo).They also are great at slicing chunks of meat from prey animals.Their large nostrils make it easy for them to get lots of oxygen, needed for their short sprints, and their vocal threat displays.

Archer himself is a long term “friend” of Vahn. He is, in fact, a father figure to the man, who was granted the DNA modification technology by a group of Tor’Voan who make it their business to monitor the Sahn’Voan activities on Eturia, Enrugi, and Earth. He was chosen as he was unique from the Voan in his mannerisms and emotional reactions, and was gay- meaning that he would not be missed from his herd and would also be able to relate in some ways to Voan sexuality, assisting the boy emotionally as he dealt (as a human) with his sexuality, unknowing of his Voan heritage at the time. This also meant he would have a relatively fresh point of view to add to the Tor’Voan’s own. Most of his time on Earth is spent as a parent-figure to Vahn, flying solo. Unfortunately though, due to the nature of his species, when he eventually does take a lover, he eventually becomes very jealous and protective to the point of being abusive to both his lover, and to Vahn. He’s a very good person who is partly a victim of his biology, though holds responsibility for his own actions as well. 

In the end, he’s a strong willed, stubborn man who retains many traits of his species, despite many years of living as (and acting as) a human. He’s very herd-oriented and is dedicated to his loved ones. He works hard, but gets very focused and can be self centered when it comes to his needs. 

(His species doesn’t have an official name YET, nor have I any idea on colors… but they were inspired by gorillas, megatherium, thylacoleo, wild boars, moose, bighorn sheep, among others. Once I figure out how his face looks now, as opposed to how I drew him when I was 12, I’ll post his human looks!

…Also, yes, they have genitals. No, I did not leave them out on purpose. This drawing IS of a male… but I am not 100% sure whether they should be internal or external, and what would be more likely for their species in terms of biology, quite yet… I’ll worry about that a bit later.)

Aidan as a baby and again all grown up. I didn’t put in his markings because i still don’t know what they’ll be. I kind of think stripey spots for him, but I’m not sure yet.

Aidan is a Sahn’voan / Human hybrid, half Voan and half human… meaning genetics do some weird things. In this case, he has external ears (which have been reconnected in all other species), and he slightly resembles a gorilla in build and skull shape. He’s usually on all fours and acts more animal like, despite being perfectly sentient. He’s also HUGE, at his full grown size.

I painted the background hastily but I’m quite pleased with it. Sundogs are one of my favorite natural phenomonons/illusions, and it suited the photo soooo~

Voan Basics: Common to Uncommon Eturian Voan

The Voan are the dominant sentient species on the planet of Eturia. There are several races within the Voan, each suited to various environments, though are fully able to adapt to a cosmopolitan existance. Though subraces and tribes exist among the voan there is not enough taxinomical difference or evidence to give each their own unique place among the voan, so the races are grouped into the major groups with subgroups identified solely by tribal or ethnic affiliation and are not seen as being scientifically and biologically unique.

The Voan are synapsids- mammal like reptiles- who retain some reptilian habits such as sun basking, despite their ability to regulate their body temperatures to some level. They have skin, not scales, and do not have any body hair, though most races grow long tendrils on their heads, much like tentacles. These are often treated as hair by the voan, and can be tied back or left loose. The voan are able to control these tendrils individually. Voan have 6 limbs- one main pair of arms used for both locomotion and manipulation of objects, a minor pair of arms that is used mostly for holding objects, and a pair of legs used for locomotion. The main hands have 3-4 fingers and 2 thumbs (on either side of the palm), and the feet follow the same pattern as the hands. The hands of the minor arms have only 2 fingers and 1 thumb, All Voan have tails- the length and use of the tail is dependant on race. All Voan are capable of bipedal and quadrepedal locomotion, save for the Ra’Voan who are capable of only quadrepedal on land and on sea floor, while they are very skillful swimmers.

Voan have black sclera and pupils, with a light colored iris. Their nostrils are long and slitted, and capable of opening up wide to take in extra air or closing tight to protect against the elements. Their teeth are, for the most part, omnivorous in dentition, with sharp, cutting and gripping canines, flat molars, and slicing/chopping front teeth. The only exception are the sharp conical teeth of the Ra’Voan who eat a diet of mostly fish and small marine invertibrates. Voan tongues are long and prehensile, capable of wrapping around branches to better reach vegetation.

The main physical difference between voan races are the length, diameter, and number of tendrils, shape and length of tail, color and markings of skin. They differ further by way of culture, language, and territory.

All voan give live birth to a single or a pair of offspring, called kittens or kits. Large family units are common among the Ra’Voan, Tor’Voan, and Sahn’voan. These may include an entire clan raising kittens together, or multiple mated pairs (or rarely, a group of mates) who raise all the kittens. Among the other races, kits are raised by one parent, sometimes two. Voan raise their children to a mature age much like humans do, and some races keep the children within the family unit for their entire lives.

Voan speak a unified language and unique racial languages. The unified language spoken is referred to as “Eturian”. The racial languages are more or less dialects of this main language, though some are more far removed than others.

The unique races known thus far are Sahn’voan, Tor’voan, Ahn’voan, Khe’voan and Ra’Voan.

I kind of picture Avidan, if ever living alone, keeping it quite dark in his home. He’d have been in tune with demonic energy for long enough at that point that his vision is quite attuned to the dark. But as he walks through hallways, the shadows reach out and grab at him. At first he was always looking over his shoulder, but now he ignores the little tugs on his hair and gentle grasping of his clothes. 

Not 100% sure how happy I am with this, though it’s quick and sketchy and design subject to change, but General size of a Star Herder compared to it’s Sahn’Voan companion. Shot based in Eturia for the heck of it. (Iksaanthyl is the Star Herder here, and the Voan is his companion, Perish… another situation where his real name will be decided later.)

The Voan is about 12’ tall, so you can p much guess the size of the Herder. 

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